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What My Clients Are Saying

"I met Paul about 7 years ago after my mother's passing and he was amazing. Paul helped my siblings and me sort through all of my mother's financials and assets to come up with the best plan for us. Paul is very easy to talk with and very thorough. He always presents all options and breaks down difficult concepts to be easily understandable.

"My husband and I are currently using Paul's services to explore investment options and other financial choices that will be best suited for our retirement years." 

Fran P.

"Back in 1994 my wife Sandy and I were looking to purchase a home in Milford, Massachusetts. While doing a walkthrough of a home, we noticed the homeowner across the street working on a dry stack rock wall which ran along the entire length of his driveway. Our first impression was WOW this guy must be a mason. I was impressed with the quality of workmanship, and equally impressed with the work ethic it took to complete such a task. Afterall, this wall was being built by hand. The gentleman building the wall was none other than Paul Fitzpatrick.

"Within minutes we engaged in conversation with Paul. We asked him questions about the neighborhood; he was happy to oblige. It was Paul’s welcoming and friendly nature that left us feeling comfortable, and we were sold on the neighborhood. Shortly afterwards we moved into our new Milford home.

"It did not take long for us to settle into our new neighborhood. Nor did it take long before Paul and his wife Rose Ann became our friends.

"Over the years Sandy and I would often have discussions about early retirement with Paul. As a knowledgeable professional Paul always took the time to understand our needs, wants and desires. Paul’s welcoming and friendly nature made it easy to discuss our private financial information. Eight years ago, Sandy and I opened an account with LPL Financials. Paul provided us with the essential information necessary to make sound financial decisions. Paul has always been a consummate professional.

"Paul applies the same work ethic that it took to build that dry stack rock wall in his professional endeavors."

Joe & Sandy M.

"Being newly retired and navigating your new financial life can be challenging.  Meeting with Paul, we found he is easy to speak to, speaks in a language you understand and makes you feel comfortable right from the start.  When Paul works with you, he brings his many years of financial experience and looks at the big picture. He will discuss all your available options.  Paul is a pleasure to work with."

Gary & Janice L.

These statements are testimonials by clients of the financial professional as of May, 2023. The clients have not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the clients do not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing their testimonials.